Time to go within

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As we approach Samhain the time of the darker nights where the veil in thinner, protect your space, protect yourself and your family. Light candles and place them in your window, use a pumpkin to ward of those spirits you do not want to enter your space. Use incense, palo santo, sage and smudge your space. Chant - your own protection mantra. Meditate daily. Sound is also good to use to cleanse your space ~ if you do not have a gong, drum use two wooden spoons or even clap.

As the winter comes ever closer I find myself dreaming of India, as I would usually be planning a trip at this time. I cannot believe that nearly two years ago a group of us were getting ready for an amazing journey to some incredible places. During my recent meditations I have been drawn to sit on the banks of Ma Ganga, something that I can only dream of at the moment.

Please look after yourself, eat warm nourishing food and ensure you take rest when you need to.

Blessing, love and light Jagdambe Ma x

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