Sitting Here Revising

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As I sit surrounded by books revising it makes me realise that I have not written for a very long time!  In fact I have not studied for an exam for a long time either, which in itself is quite daunting.  What don’t we know that we don’t know?

I am thinking of all those young people who are also studying right now for their future, something we don’t even consider at the time when we are so young, we think that the last exam that we sit will always be our last!  Well sometimes life has a mystery that surrounds it and we find ourselves years later taking an exam.  It feels like I will get my life back once I put my books away and the exam is finished, or do I?  Is this just the start of something new unfolding, is it the journey I am on?

There is always something new to learn, always something we can be curious about, always a mystery that needs unwrapping.  We learn, we forget, we learn we remember.

It is at times like these that we need to take remember we are all human, we all need encouragement, and we all need self love.

Right it is time now to get back to the books I have all around me.  I just needed a little break to give my mind a rest.

Love yourself, be kind to yourself, remember your authentic self is joyful blissful playful and fearless.

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