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I am bringing my unique self to my website to share my love of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques) Ayurveda and Reiki

Most importantly I am here to assist with your wellbeing.  One of my favourite things is to travel to learn about different cultures, and I try and weave that into what I offer. Yoga means to Yoke ~ Union of Mind Body and Spirit, a way of bringing you back into balance to create harmony.  I Trust that you honour yourself in your practice and allow the practice to create balance for you and embrace your individuality.  I do not take life too seriously and bring fun into my classes and offerings. 

Yoga is for everybody, I am not what you would call a typical yoga teacher, I am a larger person who embraces myself and allows my body to go to its limitations and I invite you to join me to start or continue your journey.

Ayurveda the sister of Yoga born over 5,000 years ago is an ancient system of working in a holistic way, the Science of Life. 

Come and join me on your mat xxxx
Namaste - Satnam

Jagdambe Ma ~ Jackie


- Jackie Dorrian -

I was off work with long term work related stress.  After a few sessions of Ayurvedic massage on my neck & back I found the stress levels depleting and my state of mind more relaxed. I was able to return to work & find a balance in my life that now enables me to positively tackle day to day pressures. I still have regular massage treatments with Jackie which really helps to maintain my whole feeling of well-being.

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